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Supervisor Exam Development - Institute of Applied Technology

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Tasks and Responsibilities:

Responsible for supervising the development of assessment tools at IAT, and managing the alignment between curriculum and assessment. This position will require on-site visits to IAT schools to ensure proper implementation of guidelines, regulations, and policies pertinent to all exam stages.


•Designing a normalized test development process to ensure that all test materials are authentic, reliable, and valid as well as complying with international standards.

•Conducting needs analysis necessary for establishing exam development center.

•Overseeing the operation and quality of diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment processes in different IAT campuses.

•Monitoring and evaluating raters on the basis of proper utilization of scoring rubrics as a part of fulfilling institutional effectiveness in assessment.

•Training, supervising, and evaluating item writers to adhere to the requirements of the test specifications and test development procedures.

•Working closely with software developers to design and develop secure and reliable computer-based delivery of test items and test forms.

•Directing the exam developers to produce authentic assessment tools.

•Developing diagnostic and admission exams that determine eligibility of student applicants into the system.

•Developing system-wide exams; including admissions, mid-term, end-of-term, make up, and re-sit exams; and the corresponding answer keys.

•Ensuring alignment between curriculum and assessment using related taxonomies (such as Bloom’s).

•Participating in developing formative assessment tools, such as quizzes and mini-tests as well as exercises and sample questions that would help in enforcing a one-to-one e-learning environment.

•Creating and maintaining well-structured question banks that tap all cognitive levels and all question types (multiple choice, true-false, matching, open ended, computer correctable, etc.).

•Inspecting the solutions provided in exam answer keys to ensure clarity and appropriate interpretations as well as proper distribution of marks.

•Visiting campuses to ensure that assessment procedures are performed as stipulated by IAT Directorate.

•Creating guidelines for test proctoring and invigilation.

•Conducting and coordinating professional development workshops pertinent to student assessment for IAT staff.

•Writing technical and research papers pertinent to exam construction and validation.

•Undertaking other related duties as may be assigned from time to time by the institute.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2018-11-07
Search by Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Education/Training
Search by Industry: Education, Training, and Library

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: ماجستير