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Senior Project Manager - Governance

Job Location: Dubai

Entity: Federal Government

• Develop and disseminate methodologies, tools and methods of governance and facilitate its use.

• Assisting project managers and senior management in implementing and mainstreaming corporate governance policies within the Office.

• Work with all departments to improve, maintain and improve governance capacity.

• Provide guidance and support to staff to implement the governance system.

• Develop and disseminate an institutional culture that achieves justice, transparency, excellence, loyalty, accountability, accuracy of data and compliance with laws.

• Develop and update systems, processes, and governance policies by developing and implementing the overall framework of operations, monitoring corporate performance and reporting at the office level in accordance with strategic objectives, enhancing the culture of excellence and improving and improving corporate performance.

• Ensure implementation and implementation of governance elements and principles

• Compile and analyze information on governance and reporting.

• Hold training and educational sessions and sessions on governance management periodically or when work is needed.

• Compile and analyze information on governance and reporting.

• Ensure the implementation and implementation of the elements and principles of governance and supervision of operations and ensure that the Office fully comply with the regulations, legislation and regulations.

• Ability to analyze information and extract results.

• Ability to communicate with others.

• Ability to present results and recommendations effectively orally and in writing.

• Ability to conduct discussion sessions and meetings.

• Ability to deal with all administrative levels.

• Knowledge of the principles, procedures and instructions related to the implementation of risk management in projects related to the implementation of governance.

• Knowledge of the principles and concepts related to risk management, auditing and governance.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2018-10-10
Search by Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Management
Search by Industry: Government Sector
Monthly Salary: US 55,086

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Nationality: United Arab Emirates
Degree: بكالوريوس